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The Winery in Monteforte

Entering the underground cellar, you immediately realize it s a unique place. The cellar is entirely dug into volcanic tuff and it leaves exposed the typical black rock in several areas.
Freshness and humidity are constant throughout the year thanks to the natural regulation of the subsoil.
Here the wines rest in the barrel room, breathe in delicate woods and are refined at the most perfect temperature.
Walking up the internal stone stairs, one reaches the oldest part of the cellar, where the production started in the 1980s.

The most recent part of the cellar was obtained from old traditional houses restored using exclusively local materials and, in particular, white limestone taken from the same type of soil where the vineyards are. This part of the cellar is subdivided into rooms used for tasting and for wine sales, whereas the highest part is home to the loft where, from the harvest to the end of winter, the grapes are laid in wooden boxes and left for raisinating.

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