How was the Harvest 2014?

How was the Harvest 2014?

Gini Soave Classico

It's January the wine is in the barrels (or in tanks), before long will be on the market the new vintages of many wines.


So, how was the 2014 Vintage?


Every year there are many predictions and the opinions on the harvest in progress, often with conflicting judgments.


There is not to forget that each territory, even every micro-zone, is different, as are the different varieties and a whole host of other features, so it is really difficult to define what is the quality of a vintage at regional, national or even European.


We try to understand then how was our harvest and what the quality of the grapes that went into the cellar.


2014 was a year of exceptionally rainy. The excessive rain is not good for the crops and the adverse climate risks not bring to fruition the fruits.


However there are some aspects that influence the performance of a vintage. Three factors of all: the location of the vineyards, the variety, the human factor.


The Location. All our vineyards are located in the hills, the water flows and seeps into the ground, does not stagnate and dries quickly, the plants themselves tend to dry out quickly. This avoids many risks of diseases and fungi on the plant and then on the fruit.


Type of grapes. For example, the Garganega (the grape of Soave Classico). It is a grape with a very resistant skin, from sparse clusters that allow then a lower incidence of rot, dry quickly and ripen better. Moreover, it is a grape belated, this means that arrives at maturation between the end of September and October.


Human factor. Matter of choice. The incessant rains, forecasts that did not include improvements, the deterioration in the quality of many grapes especially in the lowland areas, have led many winegrowers to anticipate the harvest, starting to pick grapes in late August, trying to save the grape .


We chose to wait, confident that our vineyards the grapes were still really beautiful healthy and that we could wait even longer than a month to get the grapes to ripen perfectly. The wait has paid off, since the beginning of September, the weather has changed: sunny and dry just when ideal, one that brings to fruition the cluster.


Our harvest began in mid-September and continued throughout the month of October.


Aided by a careful selection of grapes, the results were very good. Very good quality white grapes such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon, from our vineyards above 500 meters above sea level, aided by their own high position. Excellent quality of Garganega, whose positive characteristics are even more enhanced by the high average age of our vineyards (on average more than 70 years of age) are able to concentrate in the beans organoleptic really interesting.


To sum it all up: 2014 will give us some good wines from white grapes (our Soave, Maciete Fumé, the Sorai) and a full review on the harvest can be easily defined over the years by evaluating the evolution of the wines during of the time. 


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