Sandro Gini is the new president of the Soave Consorzio

Sandro Gini is the new president of the Soave Consorzio

Sandro Gini is the new president of the Consortium for the Protection of Soave Wine, for the 2018/2020 mandate.

He was unanimously elected by the new council established in May composed of Bacco Teresa, Carlesso Attilio, Ferro Massimo, Fiorini Paolo, Gini Sandro, Inama Matteo, Meneghello Canoso Massimo, Molinarolo Federico, Niero Maria Patrizia, Rizzotto Laura, Stizzoli Massimino, Tessari Alessandra, Tobin Gaetano, Trentini Bruno, Verzini Giovanni.

To support the President, Niero Maria Patrizia and Stizzoli Massimino were elected as deputy, while the board of statutory auditors will be led by De Grandis Stefano with the support of Bianchi Mauro and Buoso Esterino.

Sandro Gini takes over from Arturo Stocchetti, historic President who has led the denomination for the past 14 years.

In his first statement, Gini thanked Stocchetti for the great work he has done on the protection and enhancement of DOC and he also stressed that responsibility and new challenges are the keywords that will guide the consortium action of the next 3 years.

The responsibilities are those related to the almost 3,000 small wine-growing companies spread over an area of ??almost 7,000 hectares of vineyards, where all operations are done manually in often very diffucult hillside areas, bordering "heroic viticulture". It is a unique production system characterized by a clear expressive coherence. Today, small companies and cooperative wineries are called to make more concrete choices so that this production system can continue to reward with profit a great amount of effort and investments.

The objective is to offer a Soave enriched with new values, counting on the uniqueness of a territory and the 33 new additional geographical units proposed. But also to rediscover the enthusiasm and constructive spirit that has allowed Soave to become a point of reference both for style and for production methods.