The Wandering Gourmet writes about Tenuta Scajari

The Wandering Gourmet writes about Tenuta Scajari

A very nice article by the wine writer "Il Gourmet Errante" (The Wandering Gourmet), who came to visit our newly built winery, tenuta Scajari, in an idyllic area of Valpolicella. A special and incontaminated place in which the grapes are grown for producing Valpolicella Superiore "Le Mattoline" and Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva "Scajari". 

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Gini in Monteforte d'Alpone: two brothers, a family, my winery of the year 2018 for Northern Italy.

I have wanted to visit this winery since the first time I met Claudio Gini, every time I had the chance to taste their young Soave, even more when they were old vintages. So here I am in Soave, for the "Soave Preview Virtues & Versatility", allowing myself a visit to Tenuta Scajari, the new winery of Gini - Viticoltori dal 1600 that I wanted to visit for quite some time.

I came from Friuli by train and I arrived in San Bonifacio, a small statioin in the province of Verona. My friend and travel companion, Carlo Zucchetti, had to come pick me up, and he told me on the phone: "Have some patience and you will see that it will be worth the wait!". On arrival he was not alone, he was with Francesca and, to my big surprise, with Claudio Gini himself! We barely had the time to greet, and we were already on the car on our way to the winery. At first I was a little disappointed because the destination was not the Soave winery, but then during the short trip I realized that we were going to the vineyards, we were going to the new winery, still unfinished, of Tenuta Scajari and that certainly I would have seen something really beautiful ... more than beautiful ...

The vineyards, which have been planted quite some time ago, are wonderful, the gaze loses itself in hills that seem infinite. Vineyards that produce Valpolicella and Amarone, because with these vintages their wine is able to meet their demanding parameters.The visit to the winery and vineyards was long, interesting, really delightful. In Claudio's eyes I could read the joy, the emotions, the pride of having created a wonderful company. Of course, in their vineyards they do not only produce Amarone and Valpolicella, as they are worldwide famous for their Soave. They also produce Pinot Noir.

After the tour in the vineyards, we tasted their wines in the drying room. A salon of incredible beauty, with large windows overlooking all the vineyards. The tasting focused on the entire production, with their Soave, Pinot Noir and the two new red wines. Those were wines which I had the chance to taste in many other situations, including a beautiful evening in the Palazzone company in Orvieto, where I was also able to appreciate their sparkling "metodo classico" wine. This was a tasting to remember, both for the quality of the wines and for the skills and seriousness of their producers.

The quality of that day and other situations, until November during the Merano WineFestival, convinced me to recognize Gini as my company of the year 2018 for Northern Italy. I invite you to look for their wines ... you will never be disappointed.