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Tenuta Scajari Winery

In 2010 the construction of the new cellar and the new drying room began, in the heart of the vineyards of Tenuta Scajari. The fundamental concept that inspired and guided the design of the new winery is based on the desire to express, in an architectural forms, the profound correlation with nature that must be "breathed" even inside the cellar.
Inside the cellar it is possible to witness and touch the stone walls, with the various layers that time has created throughout 65 million years, and the petrified bottom of what used to be a sea.

The cellar is arranged on three levels: on the upper level there is the fruit cellar in an ideal position for drying, on the ground floor we find the wooden vats used for winemaking, while the underground ce llar is dedicated to refining wine in wooden barrels or in the bottles. Using this natural gravity is a way for us to better respect the grapes and wines.
A wonderful view of the castle of the Illasi Valley and the surrounding flatland. A place to rediscov er the contact between man and the environment.

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