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A tale of courage

The continuous tension towards research, the will to reveal the secrets and the most hidden nuances of this earth: this is the essence that drives us every day.
Our family has deep roots in viticulture in the Soave Classico area. In 1987 a new and great advent ure began for Sandro and Claudio. After a research trip in Burgundy, wandering around the hills of Val Tramigna on a motorcycle, they accidentally discovered a special hill in the Campiano area (Valpolicella Doc) where we found a clay limestone soil compar able to the fine French Crus.
We began an important work of environmental recovery and general improvement of these lands, with the highest respect for the natural characteristics of the place. The idea of high altitude vineyards, with excellent sun expo sure and a constant breeze, represented for us an invitation to undertake cutting edge cultivation methods.

We were among the first to bring to Italy a vineyard with a high plant density (12,000 vines ha) and low production per vine.
The first experiences with Pinot Nero "Campo alle More", Chardonnay "Sorai" and Sauvignon "Maciete Fumè" were very encouraging and the wines obtained showed great quality and a surprising evolution potential over time.
In 2000, the Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, and Oseleta plants began to produce Valpolicella and Amarone.
In 2018 the new labels related to these vineyards were launched. This new production site is called "Tenuta Scajari". The name originates from the scales (scaje in our dialect) of white calcareous rock that characterize the soil. It is in one of these scales that the oldest existing fossil grape was found, a thing that will become the symbol of our estate.

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