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The vineyards of Campiano

Tenuta Scajari lies on the eastern Valpolicella hills, between Campiano and Monte Mirabello (in the municipality of Cazzano di Tramigna Verona), at an altitude varying from 400 to 600 meters. A wonderful location with a breathtaking view of the Illasi and Cellore Castle, as well as the mountains of Monte Baldo and Carega.
The surrounding environment of the vineyards is rich in woods, cherry trees, olive trees and wonderful paths in the midst of a natural oasis of peace and tranquillity.
The tranquillity of the place and the right time of refinement will be precious allies so that our wines can tell you their story in the flow of the seasons and over the years.
The soil is mainly composed of clay, with volcanic rock outcrops.

This combination proves to be a highly effective one, because the clay gives structure, strength and character, while the volcanic spots give finesse, elegance and mineral complexity.
The vineyards grown slowly in these stony soils have found a perfect balance, benefiting from many positive elements: an excellent sun exposure, a favorable microclimate with good temperature changes, and a light and constant natural ventilation, which favors and facilitates the he alth of the grapes. This guarantees the best possible maturation of the grapes, a process that takes place in the month of September in a quiet and still environment.