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  • Agricoltura Biologica


Over 30 years of research and study were spent with the aim of presenting authentic and true wines, capable of expressing with absolute purity all that the land of Valpolicella has to offer. The highest degree of respect for all that Nature has wanted to give us by putting itself in our hands, ready to take care of it. Scrupulous organic and biodynamic methods, according also to the lunar calendar.
In the cellar, there is a single rule: practicing "savoir faire", and a single prohibition: it is forbidden to add! There are therefore no compromises, nor forcing shortening the necessary time:

in our case, 18 years were spent from the planting of the vin eyards to the release of the new wines, Valpolicella Superiore and Amarone Riserva.
This is what our vineyards have required us, the time to calmly sink their roots into the deep rock, to draw on the right mineral salts, the most hidden ones. This is what our soul of historical winemakers (since 1500) requires us to do: waiting!
It's a matter of style, a pure and new style that seeks to draw, as the roots do, all that is extraordinary and hidden in a great territory: Valpolicella.

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